Free Christmas Stocking Printable Pattern

free christmas stocking printable pattern

Christmas stockings for the storage charges

Today stockings are a firm feature of Christmas, however, we tend to drag down more in our expectation rather than enjoy a welcome occurrence.

To make a mini Christmas stocking you'll need …
Assortment pieces of colored felt, yarn, ribbon, glue and a print pattern (see the link below for a free pitch to print)

Cut pattern pieces.

Place the pattern piece of storage on a piece of felt. Put the end of the pattern to the felt tip to save fabric. cut right until the pattern piece, there is no need for a seam. Two key pieces of storage are needed for each load. These may be identical or different colors.

Pin the two pieces together and working on the right side, blanket stitch around the edge of Sewing down there two parts together.

Edge loop tape inside the top of the lower back. This is the loop for hooking the bottom up.

Decorate the front of the density of holly leaves and berries cut into pieces of felt. Glue them in place with PVA glue.

You can customize the bottom of the embroidery of a name or initials.

Sequins make attractive decorations. Sequin look really close to the festive Christmas tree, which reflects the light of the garland.

Another simple idea is to cut decorative shapes in one side of the lower front of the whole general assembly. This effect is quite Lacey and shows a little filling inside storage.
These small bottom are ideal for small gifts such as sweets, chocolates, money, nail polish, pins, and other small trinkets. Hang them on the fireplace or Christmas tree.

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